Days Out: The CBBC Interactive Tour, MediacityUK, Salford

Guest Post By James, 10.

21st December, 2014

What Did You Do?
Today I went to The CBBC Interactive Tour at the BBC’s studios in MediacityUK, Salford.

What did you see?
When I got there, I got a pass that said “BBC tours” and I got a sticker with “CBBC Crew” on it.

At 3:15pm a tour guide showed me and my cousin around the studio.

The first thing we saw was Newsround on the ground floor.

We got to present the weather because the usual presenter’s power had been cut.

Four people (three children and one adult) had to present the weather by reading what to say off a screen in front of us.

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After that we went and saw a corridor that had all the stuff that had been or was going to be used in the studio where Iain and Hacker is produced.

Then we went in the Blue Peter studio. It was being rebuilt because the week before they filmed Blue Peter in another studio two floors up.

The tour guide showed us all the Blue Peter badges and I really really want one (that’s why i’m writing this).

After that, the tour guide let us look around the Blue Peter studio.

Then we went to the dead room (a studio that is totally soundproof) and my cousin and I both did ‘the bungee jump’, where you run out of the room and it sounds like you are getting quieter because of clever spongy spikes on the wall which soak up the sound. It was cooooool!

The last place we went to was the studio, where two people were pretending to be Iain and Hacker.

Me, my cousin and the other children were the audience in the background and we cheered when we came on the camera. That was the last room we went in and it was so fun. After all of that we went in the Cbeebies studio and saw Tree Fu Tom and I had my picture taken with him.

Was it good?
It was so good. It was TOTES AMAZEBALLS!

Would you recommend it?
Out of 10 stars I would give it… 10. My favourite part was definitely Blue Peter. I loved the way the floor was grey but on the show it’s blue and it becomes blue because they put blue plastic over the lights (a bit of TV magic). I loved the wavy lights too.

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