Health: Sunburnt Kids Aren’t Always The Parents’ Fault

Yet more evidence today that parenting isn’t the exact science that some trumped-up super nannies might like to suggest.

The conversation with the boy about the importance of sun cream can be bookended thus..,


Dad: ” It’s sports day today, make sure you put on some sun cream.”

Boy: “No, it’s too cold, I’ll put it on later, I know best blah, blah, blah…”


Dad: “Why are your face and shoulders bright red?”

Truth is, you can take a kid to sun cream, or any other health-related product, but you can’t make them use it.

I’m angry, sad about the state of his skin, and ready to explode at the first person who blames ‘the parents’.

But he at least seems sore enough to know that it is sometimes worth listening to what your dad says.

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