Buy A Gift For Dad: Retro Wet Shaving

Among the stalls at Manchester’s Christmas Markets is one selling everything the modern gentleman would require for a retro shave.

So elegant are the retro shaving tools offered by Pringle & Fairweather Natural Skincare that some bathrooms might feel inadequate.

As well as a range of shaving soaps for home and travel, they offer beautiful shaving brushes and wet shave razors.

Chrome wet shave razors differ in price depending on weight, engineering and style, starting at £28.99 and going up to £54.99. Brushes start at £9.99 for a Hog Bristle Brush. For the really brave, they even offer a cut throat. They aren’t allowed to sell the blades themselves which you’ll have to source elsewhere.

Buy a gift for dad

None of it is cheap and they don’t  do discounted gift boxes. But they do offer perfect Christmas present ideas for the hipster who must surely realize that the bushy beard will soon be ‘so last year’.

How to find it: You’ll find Pringle & Fairweather in the passage between Exchange Square and St Ann’s Square, Manchester, pretty much facing the Ugg store.

They have a permanent home online here.