Video: James release animated video for forthcoming single

Manchester favourites James have released an animated video to accompany To My Surprise, the first single from their forthcoming album Girl At The End Of The World.

The film was created by Not To Scale film studio and their director Kris Merc “with occasional interference” from lead singer Tim Booth.

As ever, Booth took the project very seriously.

“So the lyric to the song was partly a response to somebody I knew who is a fundamentalist. A fundamentalist in that they were convinced, at all times, that their views, observations and solutions were right, regardless of facts, other people’s perception of events and wishes,” Booth explains.

“Kris Merc, sent in this fabulous pitch called ‘love bomb’. The basic concept being of a female activist in a 1984, CCTV, drone, electronic and chemical sedation of the masses, post Snowden environment replacing weapons of destruction with a bomb that would induce love. We brainstormed from there.

“We were very conscious of emphasising our shared belief that it’s a feminine power that is needed most right now as a healing to thousands of years of male ‘eye for an eye’ knee jerk mentality.”