Trafford Park Jump Nation

Guest post by Paul Wilkie

Trafford Park Jump Nation is situated in the most unlikely of settings and, for the newbie, may not be the easiest place to find so make sure you have the postcode programmed into your smart phone or satnav.

Failure to do so may result in you taking the wrong turn into a distribution yard or industrial chemical production site. This is because Jump Nation is in the heart of Trafford Park Industrial Estate so you’ll be sharing the road with articulated trucks and lorries that will know their way round better than you.

Trampoline park in Manchester

After weeks of pestering I finally agreed to take my son and his cousin here for an hour’s worth of jumping around in what the advertising media describe as the largest indoor trampolining area in Europe. I’m not sure how you measure this but that’s what the blurb claims and I’m not in a position to disagree when it comes to this trampoline park in Manchester.

I’d booked an hour slot for the boys and after changing into their pre-purchased socks (an additional cost on top of the booking fee – but they get to keep them for future visits) they had to listen to a short health and safety briefing.

As the responsible adult I had to sign a waiver basically saying that we understood the risks of trampolining and who would be liable if anything went wrong.

There wasn’t much left for me to do other than release the boys into the trampoline area and go and find somewhere to sit. There are two seated areas; one on ground level and a mezzanine area overlooking the (I believe) 129 trampolines. The seated areas are pleasant and funky with a selection of coffees, cakes and slushies all at reasonable prices.

I didn’t feel ripped off. I also noticed there were quite a few dads jumping around with their kids, which was good to see. There is also a smaller trampolining area for the under sixes which is separated from the main area. This keeps the younger ones safe from over enthusiastic over-6s of which there were many.

Trafford Park Jump Nation

I’m not sure how many children are allowed on the trampolines per booking but it seemed busy without being overcrowded.

A lot of the children were running around due to over excitement and the occasional collision is inevitable. However, other than a couple of bruises everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The staff appeared polite and courteous and kept a close eye on the children. Overall Jump Nation appeared cleaner than other children’s attractions I’ve been to.

Verdict: The boys really enjoyed themselves and asked if they could do a two-hour session next time despite being shattered after one. I suppose the fact they want to return has got to be a positive thing.

Directions to Trafford Park Jump Nation

Jump Nation
Textilose Road,
Trafford Park,
M17 1WA

Website: Click here


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