Stuff: Wicked Sky Spinner

The Wicked Sky Spinner is smarter than the average frisbee, with a clever twisty turny handle beneath which enables you to give it a twist.

It also has a central dimple which means that you can get all Harlem Globe Trotters on its ass, throwing it up in the air and catching it like a basketball.

At around £10 a pop (RRP), it’s not as cheap and cheerful as your common or garden frisbee.

But it’s made of high grade plastic and feels as though it’s unlikely to smash to pieces without a fair old crack.

The blurbage describes it as ‘the original trick disc’ and says it spins at over 500 RPM, although I’d say that depends on your dexterity.

Of course, we know it would be better outdoors. We’ll let you know how we get on when the weather’s better.

The Wicked Sky Spinner is available here.