Bounce trampoline park, Swinton

Manchester trampoline parks
Manchester trampoline park

Bounce trampoline park, Swinton, is one of the masses that seem to be “springing” up in every empty industrial unit at the moment – a utopian dream fulfilled for the commercial property landlord with an unloved warehouse to let.

We reviewed the Trafford Park Jump Nation last year and note that some of the football pitches at Power League, formerly the JD Soccerdome, near the Trafford Centre, have been removed to make way for trampolines. A case of jumpers, not goalposts, if ever there was one.


Bounce trampoline park, Swinton
jumpers not goalposts at Soccerdome

A new trampoline park is also opening in the former Comet store on the Toys ‘r’ Us retail park next to the A666 in Bolton. Eastlands in Manchester is also getting one, or has one already.
Anyway, this blog is about a visit I paid to Bounce trampoline park, Swinton, with Katie, my youngest and how it nearly killed me, made me very sweaty… and we had a great time. 

Don’t confuse it with Swinton Jump Nation or Jump Nation Swinton, Bounce has a different operator. It’s fairly easy to find in an industrial unit on the A6 top road in Pendlebury, not far from McDonald’s. We’d eaten there before bouncing which probably wasn’t the best idea.


Bounce trampoline park, Swinton
Parkour-style leaps of faith at Bounce, Swinton
Bounce trampoline park, Swinton
Bounce Central

The Bounce staff are really lovely and polite – very attentive and helpful, and happy to provide you guidance about safety and trampolining socks (non slip) that you’ll need to buy. The price for the two of us was £20 for an hour, including socks. There’s also access to a free locker.

It was fairly busy but it didn’t feel too overcrowded and the equipment is finished to a really high standard. There’s a bright and airy feel to the place too. Some cool things that they have are a few gimmicks so that it’s not only about the trampoline. There are a couple of basketball hoops to throw balls at and an inflatable crash mat to hurl yourself on. You can also get all parkour with leaps and ramps.

Is it good value?

All in all, £20 felt like good value for an hour. In fact, I would have settled for less than an hour. I bounced solid for the first 40 minutes and then crashed out like I’d completed a 10k. There were loads of safety notices and you have to keep your wits about you but it’s a great way of doing something sporty where age doesn’t discriminate. Kind of… There’s a nice cafe overlooking the trampolines and they cater for parties too. Recommended.

Bounce Central
Unit 4, 2-10 Labtec Street, Swinton Manchester – M27 8SE

+44(0)161 794 0677

Visit the Bounce Central website here.