How to find Manchester’s Banksy

How to find Manchester's Banksy
How to find Manchester's Banksy

Finding the Manchester Banksy

Bona fide fans of the subersive street art oeuvre would probably become a little off colour at the prospect of preferring to view a Banksy in an art gallery.

But the fact remains that while there are at least two places where you’ll find the elusive artist’s work in Manchester, you’re much better off heading to the one which has gilded frames and oil paintings.
According to folklore, the most famous Banksy in Manchester is emblazoned on the side of a brick-built utility building in Tib Street, (main picture). To my knowledge, no one has ever confirmed whether it’s the real deal or not. Incidentally, there’s loads of other amazing street art in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. (Click here for the full gallery)

How to find Manchester’s Banksy?

Take a look at the picture above. Impressive isn’t it? No, not the blue bits of abstract whatnot – the bit at the bottom with the Perspex block placed in front of it. You’ll see that it’s become so overly stickered that it’s impossible to see what’s beneath. I guess that would appeal to Banksy in some way: obscure art obscured by art.

Manchester Banksy
The Manchester Banksy on display at Manchester Art Gallery

No, the much more civilized way to see a Banksy in Manchester right now is to head on down to the thoroughly establishment Manchester Art Gallery on the corner of Mosley Street. It looks about as incongruous as a Picasso on Cross Street but it’s an interesting lure for the other arguably more important works on display.Controversially, while it’s quite a cool piece, it does go to show that even if those dusty old masters didn’t have much of a sense of humour, they knew a thing or two about slinging a paint brush. It feels brave for Manchester to dare to hang something so out place in such a fine art space. Banksy is definitely clever but I we’re clearly fooling ourselves if we dismiss the talent that went before as dull and boring, as is the modern way.

And in case you’re, wondering this what the Tib Street ‘Banksy’ really looks like, this is it below. Not exactly a Turner is it?

The Manchester Banksy
The Manchester Banksy on the side of a utility building on Tib Street

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