Bowling in Manchester: Trafford Centre bowling alley reviewed

bowling in Manchester
Bowling in the Namco Funscape at the Trafford Centre, Manchester

Kids Days Out: Bowling in Manchester

There used to be loads of bowling alleys in Greater Manchester but the trend these days is definitely towards trampolining. (We’ve reviewed Bounce in Swinton and Jump Nation in Trafford Park in recent months, with more Manchester trampoline parks springing up all the time.)

Maybe it’s because bowling is a relatively expensive business when you consider how long you actually get for the cash.

Bowling in Manchester

One of the few remaining bowling alleys is at the Trafford Centre and sits alongside the Orient food court and not too far from the cinema.

A game for one adult and a child at the Trafford Centre’s Namco Funscape cost £12 and we were all done in around 20 minutes.

Add in a couple of drinks and a quick go on the arcade games or dodgems, and it’s a dear do.

Still, we had fun and in the interests of delivering valuable lessons in life, I made sure that I thrashed the eight year old, who insisted on not using the pop-up bumpers to ensure her bowling balls stayed on track.

She did however take advantage of the metal ramp, making it marginally easier for her to launch the ball in the right direction.

The Namco Funscape is a fairly dark and “in your face” place, with loads of thumping music and neon lights to add to the frenetic atmosphere.

We had fun, I won – what more can I say.

Booking is advisable at busy times via the Namco Funscape website.