What are the five best things about Manchester?

1. It has so much history. Rolls met Royce in the Midland Hotel. First computer, still in Manchester museum of Science & Industry. Home of a fantastic vibrant tech community. Big creative community in the norther quarter. Innovative tech cloud computing & DataCentres organisations like UKFast.

Lawrence Jones, founder of UKFast.

2. The people. I miss the friendliness of the north, where people know the importance of saying please and thank you! Always up for a laugh and don’t take things too seriously. Making friends on nights out is easy in Manchester! 

Melanie Roberts, writer.

3. The buildings. Manchester is a small enough city for you to walk round in a day, just make sure you look up. So many people walk around cities looking straight ahead and/or at their feet. Look up – you’ll enjoy it.

Melanie Roberts, writer.

4. The Nightlife. The best thing I remember about Manchester (and I’m talking some years ago) was the Hacienda *blows whistle and twirls glo sticks*. 

Natalie Brownell, juggler.

5. Our Creative Industries. I’m proud to make my living here as a writer, and I routinely encounter some of the UK’s sharpest, most imaginative practitioners in fields from software design to animation to illustration to museum architecture to performing arts. There’s a great creative buzz here – but no delusion that we’re the centre of the artistic universe. 

Jonathan Trueman, writer

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