Ludlow with kids

Ludlow with kids
There's lots to see in Ludlow with kids

Foodie Ludlow isn’t the first place you’d think of visiting with kids.

But the pretty little Shropshire market town has a number of attractions worth visiting during a couple of days away with youngsters.

Its relative peace and tranquility also makes a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of Greater Manchester.

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Things to do in Ludlow with kids

The regular Ludlow market is one of the star attractions in Ludlow, with lovely food and interesting, upmarket nicknacks to browse. Wooden bowl carvers and basket weavers were both in town when we visited.

Other points of interest include Ludlow racecourse, Ludlow Castle, St Laurence’s Church and the Dinham Weir, which is a nice place to feed ducks and eat ice cream.

There’s a full calendar of live entertainment at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, which also boasts a cinema. However, don’t expect a full Manchester-style programme of the latest movies. Mostly, Ludlow is about soaking up the atmosphere of an upmarket market town, touring the shops and checking out the architecture.

Where to stay in Ludlow with kids

There are lots of hotels and guest houses in Ludlow but few cater for families. My top tip is to book a cheap and cheerful room at the Ludlow Travelodge on the outskirts of town. It’s a five minute drive into the town centre but there’s plenty of affordable parking. Point to note: there aren’t many taxis in town so be sure to book in advance.


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Eating out in Ludlow with kids

There are of course oodles of great places to eat in Ludlow, not all of which you’d head for with youngsters in tow. One place that does cater for people of all ages is the Parkway Spanish restaurant and tapas bar. (Here I must declare an interest – it’s owned and run by my lovely sister-in-law).

Relative ties or not, it’s a great place to sample authentic Spanish food and drink, with two native chefs working in the kitchen. We enjoyed a brilliant feast of tapas – one of everything off the menu, and returned for a cooked breakfast, churros and hot chocolate (pictured). All were excellent.

Getting to Ludlow

Situated not far from the Welsh border, allow around two to three hours drive to Ludlow, which is mainly reached along A roads from Manchester.

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