What the world was waiting for? Listen to the new Stone Roses single

It’s been a long time coming and landed with a very grown up advertising campaign that must have cost a fair bit of money – a stark contrast to the graffiti rampage which first announced their existence all those years ago.

So what’s the verdict on the first new material from the Stone Roses single in more than two decades?

Honestly, it’s OK. In that it’s not terrible, provides no great surprise and sounds like a rocky Stone Roses song with the vivid romance of a psychedelic yesteryear turned down a notch.

While it’s no disgrace, a few more lyrics might have been nice. I reckon it’s taken about a year per word to write. If there’s social commentary, I’m not sure what it is. It’s more like a football chant with an upbeat backdrop.

As ever, John Squire’s guitar is sublime, and I can see these riffs burning their way into the minds of middle aged men across Manchester, tongues out, desperately trying to replicate them on a Telecaster.

It is catchy though. Oh yes. And it carries that characteristic echo chamber effect.

Not quite so cool as Ian Brown’s solo material, not quite so pub rock as I feared.

But if this is the standout track from the new album, the song to stir us out of Mancunian middle age torpor and restore the vigour of our Madchester youth, I for one would be disappointed.

Perhaps my 11-year-old summed it up best. “The Stone Roses have a new single out. Are they still alive?”

Just about.