Walks: South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey

I won’t tell you how many steps you have to walk down to get to South Stack Lighthouse on Anglesey. Part of the fun is counting them yourself.
But there are a lot of them, especially if you opt to take the spiral staircase within the stack to the lens room at the to. Not for the fainthearted that bit of the walk!
Getting to South Stack is fairly easy. Head through Holyhead and then pick up the tourist signs for South Stack. (see the embedded map below)

Gallery: South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey

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There’s a visitor centre not far from top of the stone stairs that lead to the lighthouse and South Stack island.
You can park there, browse the shop, enjoy a drink in the cafe, and pick up information about the birds that live in the area. You need to pick up a ticket here if you want to cross the little bridge that takes you to South Stack.
Next stop is a little building offering views across the cliffs surrounding South Stack, which are home to thousands of seabird.
We didn’t see any puffin on our visit but there are allegedly quite a few of them are certain times of the year.
We did see a seal though. Just for a split second. It ducked under the water and then it was gone.
Then it’s time to descend the steps to South Stack. They provide magnificent views of the cliffs, the Irish Sea, and the lighthouse itself. Oh, and don’t forget, you’ve got to come back up too!
It’s hard work but definitely worth a visit!