Scarborough in pictures

Scarborough with the kids in pictures
The Grand Hotel, an iconic image taken in Scarborough with the kids

Scarborough with the kids

The lure of Blackpool, Southport and the Lake District make it easy for families from the north west to overlook England’s east coast. 

That’s a shame. A recent trip to Scarborough revealed a coastal town which has somehow managed to hang on to that symbiotic relationship between commerce and tourism. It remains a vibrant holiday resort while also maintaining a working fishing fleet and a bustling town centre that wouldn’t be out of place in any vibrant modern community.

Of course, there are elements of faded grandeur here and there. The Grand Hotel isn’t quite so grand these days, the Futurist complex didn’t quite live up to its name. But Scarborough boasts a vitality that is lacking in many of the north west’s favourite resorts and I’ve tried to capture that in the photographs below, which show North and South Bay, Peasholm Park and harbour area.

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