Johnny Marr: Set The Boy Free | Review

20th December 2016 Simon 0

The hoary old rock biography is so often a tome tarnished by cliche. Too many turn to tales of the wrong type of M&M on the rider; sex on the road; drug excesses leading to smashed televisions and trashed hotel rooms.

No such embellishments were applied by Mancunian guitar genius Johnny Marr, who was quite literally instrumental in many of the biggest moments in the city’s music history. He’ll be signing copies of Set The Boy Free at Waterstones Deansgate…

Review: Underneath A Magical Moon | Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

19th December 2016 Simon 0

The best children’s theatre is accessible and innovative, encouraging young minds to explore a concept through creativity.

Under A Magical Moon achieves that with a creative charm all its own, using wonderfully simple yet effective props to bring the J.M. Barrie classic to life with a new perspective.

Review|Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

19th December 2016 Simon 0

Try as they might, it’s difficult for any film to transport you back to the magic of your childhood, when even analogue X-Wing fighters streaming past stars painted on a piece of black cloth could set a little boy’s heart fluttering.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes close…