Review: The Snow Queen, Salford Arts Theatre, until January 7

Last year’s Salford Arts Theatre panto ended with me standing on stage wearing a “bra that was made for three” on my head. I felt a right tit…

So it’s panto time again and once again it’s the breast fun you can have in someone else’s underwear.

This year I was taking no chances and sat near the back.

Salford Arts Theatre is a wonderful little venue located near Clarendon Recreation centre, just off Liverpool Street.

It’s cheap and cheerful and easy to park, which is more than can be said for a trip to the Palace Theatre.

This year’s panto is The Snow Queen.

Ok, so the set is a little low rent, but the lovely costumes and cast more than make up for it with a sense of fun and timing that is second to none.

We were a boisterous crowd and the cast had to work hard to keep things under control. They managed it with aplomb.

They’ll be glad it’s behind them. 

Will we back next year? Oh yes we will!

We all had a fantastic time so thank you very much.

Until January 7.

Go to for ticket details.