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Belle Vue Dogs

There’s an old timer in front of me who is happily receiving his winnings from the gentleman running a traditional pop-up betting shop at the side of the Belle Vue dog track. One, two, three, four… I count all the way up to 20 crisp £10 notes. So, £200 in total. He allows himself a well-deserved and satisfied smile, and walks away.

We’re not so lucky. Across 12 races we wager in the region of £36 and win not a single solitary sausage. All told, we’re down around £60 on the night given admission fee, drinks and a bit of diesel.

We spend around £3 per race doing what’s called an always trio – three dogs out of the six to come home first, in any order. In some races there are only five dogs but we still lose. Quite a feat actually.
Maybe we should be more scientific but perhaps you should try picking three numbers that everyone agrees in a family of five.

So not cheap, but not expensive either, when you consider the cost of any standard evening of entertainment for a family of five. Cheap, actually, when compared to a night at the cinema, where five hot dogs will cost around £35 alone.

We went to do something different and fill a few hours on a Good Friday when there wasn’t much on telly.

We had fun and the kids arguably learnt a few life lessons too. Gambling is something that they will definitely be exposed to and now they know that you don’t always win.

Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium runs race meetings three times a week – every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Kids up to the age of 12 go free, while children aged between 12 and 15 can pay £3.50 on the door. Adults can pay online in advance and get admission for £4.50 (including £1 booking fee). Other dining options are available.

Visit the Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium website for further details.

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