Review: Super Geek Heroes Animated Series

The Super Geek Heroes are a new crew of caped crusaders intent on teaching early years children about things that are an important part of their educational development.

Each character has a cool super hero name and special interest in a particular subject.

Their names and areas of development are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Suzi Smiles
  • Understanding the World – Peter Planet
  • Communication & Language – Vicky Voice
  • Literacy – Jake Jotter
  • Numeracy – Mille Maths
  • Physical Development – Ant Active
  • Creative Arts & Design – Ronnie Rock

They exist in a series of animated lessons aimed at children and their parents and Dadsdayoff’s Katie, who is nine, took a look.

Do I like the characters?

Yes I think the characters teach in a fun way for young children to learn. My favourite character was probably Mille Maths because she helps children to learn maths basics in a way that they will enjoy.

Did I learn any new things?

I learnt some new things but I don’t think it was really for my age group. I think it’s more for younger children.

What do I think of Super Geek Heroes?

I think children could learn a lot from this one channel.

Who would I recommend this programme to?

I would recommend this to younger children from younger age groups like nursery-year 2.

Is it a fun way to learn?

It would be a fun way to learn if you’re younger but if you’re in a higher age group it could be boring.

To take a look at the Super Geek Heroes for yourself click this link to the Super Geek Heroes YouTube channel.