Beer Review: Cisk Lager Beer from Malta

Capping off a Maltese brew

Cisk Lager Beer

My enduring memory of a week in out-of-season Malta was that the locals had a surprisingly similar attitude towards alcohol as we Brits. They liked it a lot.
My taste buds also seem to recall Cisk, a brew first produced way back in 1929.
Brewed in Mriehel, Malta, by Simmonds Farsons Cisk, it pours with a mist of white head which dissipates fairly quickly. As does the drink.
It’s closer in characteristics to a Spanish cerveza than a German, British or American lager.
It’s a light golden coloured lager beer with a sharp, tangy nose.
Not overly fizzy, with a smooth opening taste and a slightly bitter and malty aftertaste, it also has a hint of lemon.
Refreshing but not massively full of flavour, Cisk is a refreshing change but perhaps lacks the substance of other more familiar lagers.

Try it for yourself…