Beer Review: Siete Vidas

This beer’s name translates as Seven Lives, which is strange given that cats are generally known to have nine in the U.K.. Apparently, it’s only seven lives in Spain. Who knew? It’s a distinctively malty lager, produced in Barcelona, and with a cool picture of a cat on the label.

Siete Vidas is what is known as a kölsch-style beer. The original kölsches were brewed in Cologne, Germany, and get their distinctive light flavour from the ale yeast used in the  fermenting process, and the fact that they are finished in cold temperatures like a lager.

Not overly gaseous but still lively on the palette, it’s a golden beer which sits cloudy in the glass. It has a very clear taste though.

I love the mid tones – it sits in the mouth with no particular sharpness. There’s a very slight and not unpleasant medicinal aftertaste. 

 It’s very pleasant, refreshing and different, in a good way.  A smooth and mellow flavoursome beer.