Review: Pinked Floyd, City Airport, Salford

Could there be a more perfect setting for a Pink Floyd tribute band?

Scale everything down in size from the originals and you’re left with Pinked Floyd, playing on the back of a truck at City Airport, the atmospheric music sound tracking ethereal thoughts of drifting through the clouds in a light aircraft.

Hailing from Oldham, Pinked Floyd layer highlights from Pink Floyd’s extensive back catalogue, with highlights including Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here.

The band were brilliant and City Airport is going to be staging more events as they attempt to get more people to visit.

Watch out for car boot sales, dog and car shows, and flying pigs.

Want to go airside and take pictures of planes?
In October, City Airport is hosting this special event where photographers will be allowed airside to get a unique perspective on the airfield, with aircraft floodlit in the early evening. Proceeds will go to the North West Air Ambulance.